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Be my saviour in the dark world we live in.I'm Andy, I'm 18 y/o and I live in Sweden. I'm a BIG fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, so there is a lot of superheroes, GoT, LOTR, ATLA, ATLOK, HP, DW, SW and ST, but I'm alos studyingto become a chef so there's also alot of food and drinks.Just to give you a heads up, I am a teenager, so nudity is not uncommon.I hope you'll like it, hit me up if you got any questions!


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my sarcasm is at it’s best when I hear a stupid question

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You could give me 67 years to do homework and I wouldn’t do it until the night before

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there should be a dating website called ebae

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when u open snapchat and ur not planning to send snaps do u ever face the camera away from ur face bc ur scared of how u look

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when the quiet kid in class makes a good comeback


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I’ve decided I want to be cremated. Not when I die, just whenever. Surprise me.

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